“Your First 1,000 Days in Writerspark: One Thousand Tight Writing Exercises, Vol. 1″

I’d like to announce the eBook debut of our first in a series of eBooks that will share the more than 3,400 exercises that I created for my Writerspark online creative writing group.

Volume one, which contains our first 1,000 exercises, went on sale this morning, priced at just $2.99 (U.S.) — That’s less than a penny per exercise!

Don’t let the low price fool you. Each of these brief exercises is designed you make you think about the commonplace in new ways and to do so within word counts that you may, at first, believe impossible to achieve.  But you will.

Current versions are available for Amazon’s Kindle™ and Barnes & Noble’s nook™. Here’s where to find them:

Click to order for Kindle

Click to order for nook

Pick up a copy before they’re all gone! — Oh… wait… it’s an eBook. Well, pick one up so you can get started creating those 1,000 fresh pieces of work!



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About Bill Weiss

Bill Weiss is a creative and freelance writer and founder of the Writerspark creative writing group.
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