Hard at Work on Ebooks

Been hard at work doing some formatting work on the 1,000 Days ebooks. Seems some devices play better with certain nuanced formatting elements, so I am doing what Smashwords calls the “nuclear option” on all four books.

What the nuclear approach entails is pasting each 1,000 exercise manuscript into Notepad, thus stripping all formatting and all images from the document; then copying and pasting the raw text into a clean document to which I have pre-created the necessary Styles that I want applied to my text. Then, I go through the entire 1,000-plus pages and apply each style to every element for which it was created–and re-import all images.

To call this tedious is a monumental understatement.

“Ugh!” seems a far more appropriate indicator of the work involved.

I hope to bring a more pleasant user experience to these books going forward. Even added a nifty clickable Contents page, to get readers to each segment of 100 exercises. Added a none-too-shabby photo of yours truly to an About the Author page, too.

getting close to finished.

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