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Feedback is a good thing, and read/writer comments have alerted me to the handful of typos and other glitches missed during the editing process of the first three e-books helped to clean things up.  The initial three have now been tweeted, re-compiled and will be uploaded in place of the earlier versions.

Thanks, everyone, for taking the time to point out the errors.

Your Fourth 1,000 Days in Writerspark has officially been edited, compiled and converted for Kindle, Nook and PDF. Publication for these and other platforms will happen within the next few days. It will be available at our Writerspark e-book store or at Barnes & Noble, Amazon and other outlets.

Beyond our books of exercise seeds are a few projects I’m currently working. First, I am compiling, revising and editing a short story collection I will publish within the next three months. More accurately, it is a Flash Fiction collection, although I may seed in a few longer stories. So stay tuned…

There’s also the NANOWRIMO novel I wrote in 2011.  I had written this 60k word seat-of-the-pants book with absolutely zero idea what I wanted to write. November 1, 2011, at precisely 12:01 a.m. Central time U.S., I simply started typing. By midnight November 30th I had 60k-plus words that I never looked back on. Seriously thought that 60k pantsed words couldn’t possibly be any good. Then, this past January, a discussion of NANOWRIMO with my live writing group spurred me to revisit the work. I started reading, and even though it was I who had written it I couldn’t stop reading!

So now I’m revising the very first full-length novel I had ever attempted. I will expand on this and keep you up to date as I progress through to completion.  Again, stay tuned.

There’re are also two longer stories in the works which haven’t revealed their final form. I have the basic stories written, but one could stand as a longer short story, or be expanded to novella or novel length. Need to make that decision.

The second story will almost certainly be a novel, although being a tight writing fanatic I may opt for novella.

Of course we are once again posting daily exercises at our Writerspark group at Yahoo. These will eventually become Writerspark book number five.

My live group meets bi-weekly, and my focus there has been flash fiction. I will have something for you on flash fiction in the weeks ahead.

And that’s a peek at what I’m currently doing.

Updates on these and other projects will be shared over the days, weeks and months ahead.

Meanwhile, I urge all of you to write something every day.

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Bill Weiss is a creative and freelance writer and founder of the Writerspark creative writing group.
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