Sidetracked by Life

No matter how stoked we are about our craft, there are times when life throws the switch and sidetracks our creative pursuits. Such was the case for me.

I won’t take up your time elaborating on my personal bangs and bruises, except to say that divorce, depression, near loss of the house and other unexpected events have battered my for some time. This resulted in my getting lost in a great many alternate pursuits (many of which involved other forms of writing) to keep myself from focusing on my problems. Although I wish I could have channeled that energy into my creative writing projects, it seems that part of my brain stepped out for a while and left only my less inspired side—a kind of auto-protect mode that kicked in.

Now here I am.

I tell you that both to let you know why I have been so long absent, but more importantly so that you know that, should such moments touch your life, you are not alone. We all go through it, to one degree or another. Although it is a good idea to sit down and write and lose yourself in your work when difficulties come, it’s just not that simple. If your mind shuts down, it shuts down. The best you can do at that point is at least try to surround yourself with people who care about you. That’s what I did.

I owe a big debt of thanks to all those who stood by me through my trials, even those who had no idea I was struggling.

If you are struggling, keep friends and family close. Seek professional help. You are not alone. If you can write, write. If not, be around people.

I look forward to sharing more on the craft of writing and what’s going on with my many projects.

Back to writing…

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Bill Weiss is a creative and freelance writer and founder of the Writerspark creative writing group.
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One Response to Sidetracked by Life

  1. Diana Lambson says:

    I think I know whereof you speaker. So many people I know have contracted some form cancer, and succumbed, or are fighting the “good fight”, me included. Not taking up more of anyone’s time with the gory details, just know you are in our thoughts and prayers. Peace asnd blessings, Diana L.

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