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Two chapters of the newest novel concept are finished in first draft, the third is started. Although it may not seem like much, it has been a challenge in that some of the central elements of two main characters took a sudden shift as I waded into chapter two. Took a week of brain pain to work these things out, but it came into focus early yesterday and led to the entire chapter being written in one sitting over two hours. Felt the energy.


Unfortunately, I have lapsed in posting exercises to my Writerspark group (again), but after years in relationship limbo I have become more alive in my relationship with Mary, who I met a year ago this August. Our time together has been fun and inspirational, although focus on the group had to give way to time with her and my own novel writing.

I hope to set time aside to design a couple of months of exercises and blitz the group with enough inspiration to last a while. Stay tuned on this.













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Bill Weiss is a creative and freelance writer and founder of the Writerspark creative writing group.
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