“Visions” of Literature from TV

Back in the 1980s, while I stood at my workbench servicing people’s electronic gadgetry,  I used to wait for my favorite shows to appear on our local Chicago PBS television station. Both were shows about writing and literature. I devoured these shows, saw every episode, then later recorded them onto VHS tape to watch again later. Instill have a few of those tapes, whose masking tape labels are badly yellowed and the ink almost illegible: Literary Visions and Voices & Visions.

I had had forgotten about those shows, since they haven’t aired for decades, and I no longer own a VHS machine to play the old tapes. It was while cleaning out old clutter that I came upon those tapes, and that prompted me to search the Internet in the hope that some of them might be available online. To my astonishment and joy, all episodes of both programs are available online, free to view.

The Literary Visions series employs great works of fiction and drama to reveal not only what makes great writing great, but what makes writing memorable. these in depth discussions are a must for any aspiring writer, or writers of any experience level for that matter.

Voices & Visions is a series that looks at the lives and works of some of the literary greats of our distant and not so distant past. The fiction writers, playwrights and poets presented include Elizabeth Bishop, Hart Crane, Emily Dickinson, T. S. Eliot, Robert Frost, Langston Hughes, Robert Lowell, Marianne Moore, Sylvia Plath, Ezra Pound, Wallace Stevens, Walt Whitman, William Carlos Williams.

Don’t let the dated 1980s appearance of these programs deter you. Their value is no less relevant today as it was then. I’m sure you’ll decide to bookmark and share them both once you’ve started viewing.



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