Are You Writing?

Well are you? Writing, that is?

Let me begin by saying that this is my first attempt at writing a blog post directly on my smart phone. Small screen. Virtual keyboard.  Not ideal, but we’ll see how it goes.

If you’ve been around Writerspark for a while, you know that our motto is “Write something every day.” However, as nice as it would be to be actively engaged, every day, in writing that next great internationally-acclaimed novel, the point of our motto is not that every day must be filled with professional publication efforts but rather that we should be somehow engaged in the art.

What do I mean by “engaged in the art?” Contrary to what some may believe, writers are not only writing when they are…well…writing–that is, typing or scribbling words. Writers write when we are brainstorming ideas inside our brains, when we are sitting in a restaurant people watching, feeling the tickle in our belly when we breach the  rest of a hill on our bike and let gravity take over. Our experiences always find their way into our stories and poems, so even when we are simply out partaking in life we are writing.

Some of you may feel down about not being motivated to write, feeling somehow like frauds for considering yourself a writer when you haven’t written anything on a page for months. But if you were experiencing life, you actually were engaged in the craft, whether you knew it or not, because as a writer you noticed life. And that life will become part of your future work, whether it is the experience itself or just a sensation or smell. By experiencing, you are writing.

Mind you, I still firmly believe that it is helpful, just as is physical exercise, to physical write something on a page every day, even if it’s just a line or two, or ideas for future work. That tactile connection to your craft has a way of making you feel as though you have a complied something just for you. You have fed your inner writer,  Iif only a few crumbs. But don’t let the lapses get you down. As long as you are experiencing, you are writing. Still, try, whenever possible, to grab one of our exercises and play for a bit. Your inner writer will say “Yumm!” And you never know when the next line you write will ignite a rush of excitement that propels you down that hill of free flowing words.

Write something every day, in as many ways as you can.






















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Bill Weiss is a creative and freelance writer and founder of the Writerspark creative writing group.
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