Writerspark Moves to Google Groups

After more that 15 years at Yahoo Groups, Writerspark has made the move to its new Google Groups home. There are many reasons for the move, chief among them the multitude of unresolved problems suffered by members following some of the so-called improvements to the Yahoo Groups system. It’s difficult to participate in an online email discussion group when mail goes missing or images associated with the mail don’t appear.

The possibility of integrating some of Google’s other services into our group experience, such as Google Docs and Google Plus, also makes this move an important one for Writerspark.

You can join Writerspark at https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/writerspark, by cliking theĀ  Join Writerspark link above, or by clicking the Join button at our Writerspark Web site: http://writerspark.org/index.html . But keep in mind, Writerspark is a participation-based group, not a place for lurkers. so if you join, you’ll be expected to participate. get ready to write!

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About Bill Weiss

Bill Weiss is a creative and freelance writer and founder of the Writerspark creative writing group.
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