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Writersblog is a repository of thoughts and commentaries on various aspects of creative writing, from Bill Weiss, founder and creator of the Writerspark online creative writing group.

Writerspark launched on Yahoo Groups, April 8, 1999, as a place where creative writers gather to help one another grow their craft and, through daily writing exercises, conquer writer’s block.

Through thoughtful critiques and exercises designed to pull writers outside of their individual boxes, story writers learn to embrace poetry, poets learn to embrace story telling. It is my firm belief as the originator of this group that writers who embrace as many facets of the writing craft as possible become much more powerful writers. The results are evident in the growth we regularly witness amongst our members, not only growth in craft but in personal confidence in their abilities.

Our mission is simple: To help creative writers pack more powerful work into the tightest possible space.

If you’re a creative writer or creative spirit ready explore the writing craft, click the Join Writerspark link at the header of our Blog pages.


~ Bill Weiss



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