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Writyerspark Guidelines!

The moderator will post a daily exercise to which members are invited to submit a short piece that follows the exercise’s specific guidelines. Everyone is invited to submit work based on as many or as few of our exercises as they desire.

  • Try to adhere to exercise guidelines. Guidelines are there for a reason: to build discipline toward concise, focused, more vivid writing. Exceeding word count or ignoring exercise guidelines defeats the purpose of our exercises and may lead members to avoid offering critiques on work that ignores the guidelines. Ignoring exercise guidelines signals unwillingness to do the critical revision work that is crucial to growth as a writer.

  • Try to critique in balance with the quantity of work you submit. It is unfair to only critique one piece each month but submit work and receive critiques from others every day. It’s a matter of balance and fairness.

    Submission of exercise-based work should use the following Subject Line format: 
Exercise #xxxx/yourname    --  (your user name or actual name)

EXAMPLE:  Exercise#1234/Bill

The reason for this convention is so that members know which
exercise a piece is written against and the name of the author.

  • Members are free to submit work not inspired by our exercise; however, reading and critique of non-exercise-related works is done at the discretion of each member. If you feel compelled to submit non-exercise-related work, stick with short pieces or segments, and by all means note what sort of input you’re seeking.

Subject line format for non-exercise-inspired works should be as follows:

                SUBMISSION/TITLE/Author name  (Screen name or actual name)

                EXAMPLE:  SUBMISSION/”Dark and Stormy Night”/Bill

The reason for this convention is so that all members recognize
the piece as a non-exercise-related submission, its title and author

  • Critiques should be concrete. “I liked it” or “I didn’t like it” are not critiques. Let the writer know what worked for you and why; let them know what didn’t work and why. Offer suggestions, where applicable. In ALL cases, critiques should be thoughtful and courteous. Abusive or demeaning critiques may result in a warning, temporary blockage, or even ejection from the group.



Subject lines of all critiques MUST remain in tact, including the “RE:” prefix.

Critique subject line for an exercise-relate piece with subject line
“Exercise#1234/Bill” should be RE: Exercise#1234/Bill.

The reason for this convention is so that the author and members recognize the REsponse as related to a specific exercise number by a specific author.


  • Members are free to put out a call for volunteers to critique other written works, but accepting such requests is purely at the discretion of each member.  That said, the purpose of this group is not to supply free critique of your latest novel; we are an exercise-based creative writing group whose purpose is to help bridge writers block, inspire, educate and build discipline. If all you’re here for is to get help with your novel, there are other groups for that purpose.

  • Although we prefer group to focus on exercise-related pieces and critiques of exercise work, personal announcements are certainly welcome, as long as they are kept to a reasonable level. Absolutely NO advertising or sales pitches of any kind are permitted. Although announcements of creative publications and links to where they may be purchased are acceptable.

  • No message Forwarding is permitted via the discussion forum. If you think the You Tube video about the kittens is cute, that’s great, but don’t subject the rest of us to it.

  • Non-exercise-related posts that directly relate to writing or the creative spirit are permitted, so long as they do not relate to sales of any kind. If you’re unsure as to whether something is appropriate, feel free to email me personally and I’ll review the material.

  • Any profane or abusive commentary directed toward fellow members will be met with swift ejection from the group.

  • No political or religious discussions are permitted within the group, except where such discussions bear directly on those elements within a piece of writing. That said, the submission of writing that regularly focuses on religion or politics may not be used as a means to interject such topics into the group discourse.

  • As an adult group, the use of “colorful” or “adult” language within submitted work is acceptable, so long as it furthers the work in some way; however, we ask that any posts with “adult” contact include the words “Adult Content” within the subject line.

  • The moderator may, from time to time, designate an “open discussion” period of a day or entire weekend wherein general discussion of writing or our lives in general may take place. Such periods will have designated timeframes and carrying these discussions beyond those timeframes is not permitted. We are, after all, here to work on exercises. Also, the same rule against discussing religion and politics applies to these open discussion periods.

  • Members are encouraged to submit their own exercise ideas directly to the group or to the moderator for inclusion in the general exercise flow.  Bear in mind that submitted exercises become the property of Writerspark.

  • All creative works submitted by our members remain the sole property of the author.  We ask, however, that if such works are published that the author mention Writerspark as the inspirational force.  This is not an obligation, only a request.



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